Wunpawng Ningja Culture Group (WNJ)

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One of the biggest challenges facing the developing country of Myanmar’s community is promoting rights for women and empowering them through various platforms.  This is especially an impeding factor in the development of empowering women in Kachin State, Northern Myanmar.

Digital Communications Co., Ltd (Digicom) strongly believes that achieving equality and equipping women with the right skillsets has an immediate impact that benefits not only themselves, but also to their respective society/community.  That is why Digicom has helped build a foundation called the ‘Wunpawng Ningja Culture Group (WNJ)’.

WNJ is a cultural dance group created to perform and portray ethnic nationalities’ dances, beauty, and fine arts in accordance with their respective traditions/heritage.  Its main aspirations and objectives are to maintain cultural heritage and to educate not only themselves but the audience through the art of traditional and fusion dances.

WNJ has future plans to establish training programs for like-minded ethnic girls/women ranging from Ethnic Dancing Programs, Kinship Education Programs, History of Kachin People Programs, Training Weaving Traditional Textiles Programs, to Traditional/Ethnic Music Programs.